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June 2014

Editor's Message

One thing that is inevitable in life, as in construction, is the presence of change. Whether a fan of change or not, the ability to accommodate and adapt to change is often the key to success. As we head into the heart of the summer construction season the profitability of projects often hinges on the ability to manage change orders. Whether handling requirement changes from the building owner, those due to design errors or field changes, contractors must be equipped to quickly price and implement changes.

In this issue of Trimble Extensions we explore the topic of managing Change Orders in your business. In the Industry Insights section Paul Goldsmith, Segment Manager for Electrical and ITS, walks us through the critical steps to successfully managing Change Orders in your business. In The Specialist section we revisit one of our more popular articles on Change Orders – The Change Order Protocol. Ever wondered how to setup a proper framework for managing Change Orders? If so, learn some best practices on setting up the proper framework in The Trainer’s Corner.

Industry Insights

Managing Change Orders is Critical to your Success

Paul Goldsmith

June 2014

Like National Geographic there are some topics worth revisiting every couple of years.  Discussing the importance of managing change orders is definitely in that category.  Estimating a job properly is very important, but managing a project and ...

The Specialist

Change Order Protocol – Revisited

Giovanni Marcelli

June 2014

In keeping with our theme of managing Change Orders in your business we wanted to bring back one of our more popular Trimble Extensions articles, written by Giovanni Marcelli, detailing the Change Order Protocol.  This is the first in a three par...

Trainer’s Corner

Wow, if I do this just one time…

Gary Rutledge

June 2014

Once a project has been awarded, one of the first tasks for the Project Manager is to set up the basic framework or templates for managing any changes that may occur during the project.

Whether you are using Trimble Accubid Classic Chang...