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June 2014

Industry Insights

Managing Change Orders is Critical to your Success

Paul Goldsmith

June 2014

Like National Geographic there are some topics worth revisiting every couple of years.  Discussing the importance of managing change orders is definitely in that category.  Estimating a job properly is very important, but managing a project and pro...

Data Service Providers: Why You Need One

Marion Roosa

January 2014

Many factors are taken into account when deciding who wins a bid – the contractor’s reputation for quality and whether or not they finish on schedule is important, but material and labor cost are perhaps the most definitive factor when it comes t...

Level of Detail and Model Progression Specification

Doug Elliott - Trimble MEP Division - Product Manager

September 2013

Three-dimensional modeling is becoming more common in today’s construction processes. While models are easy to create, the question which should be asked is; what is the 3D model good for? Is it just a pretty picture or can it actually be fabricate...

Transforming Learning with Virtual Instructor-led Training

Gilbert Cabral

June 2013

We live in an era that surrounds us with profound change brought on by the digital revolution. With each passing day we are exposed to new tools and ideas that impact our daily lives. Would any of us have dreamed of tweeting anything a mere decade ag...

Next Item Up for Print – Your New Building

Doug Elliott - Trimble MEP Division - Product Manager

February 2013

There have been a number of articles in Extensions regarding BIM. Although some may not think of 3D printing as BIM, the following information could change your mind. When thinking of 3D printing, some may think of printing cute little trinkets or so...

A New Era in Building Construction at Trimble

Jarrod Krug

January 2013

The start of every New Year fills us with renewed hope, drive and energy – ready to take on the world and make significant changes in our lives. The construction business is no different. Looking back on the past year, certain developments have eme...